One-Of-A-Kind Pillow Prevents Arm Numbness While Spooning

February 20th, 2019

Most couples like to snuggle close together when lying in bed. When trying to cuddle with a significant other, one pitfall that can occur is arm numbness that can happen when lying on your side in one position for too long. But how can you cuddle comfortably with your partner while still keeping the feeling in your arm?

Ways You Can Keep Your Arm From Getting Numb While Cuddling

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This is especially troublesome if your significant other falls asleep while you are spooning. While you could just wait it out until your partner shifts in their sleep or wakes up, this is not always the best option. You could use a pillow to try and cushion some of the pressure, but pillows are not exactly designed for this purpose. The most important thing is to keep the blood flowing to your extremities.

You could also try changing into a different cuddling position. Some alternative cuddling positions to spooning while cuddling include facing each other while in the bed. One of you could also lie on your back in a sort of half-spoon position. You can also intertwine your legs while you both lie on your back.

Enter the Coodle Pillow

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Luckily, there is a new product on the market called the Coodle. Designed to prevent numbness and pain on your limbs while resting, sleeping, or other activities while lying down, the Coodle is a patented brace design system created by couple Bob and Shirley. Here is some more information about the causes of arm numbness and how this awesome invention can keep it from occurring.

Causes of Arm Numbness

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Arm numbness is caused when the flow of blood is cut off by laying on it for too long. This can result in paraesthesia, or that feeling of “pins and needles” feeling you get from not enough blood flow to your extremities. In addition, the Coodle is easier on your partner’s neck, giving it more support than your arm or pillow can.

How the Coodle Works

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Using four plastic braces to support the head, the pillow keeps the head of your partner off of your arm while you cuddle with them. In addition to adding support, the pillow is covered with a removable, washable cover, making it easier to keep clean.

Other Uses for the Coodle

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In addition to cuddling with your partner, you can also use the Coodle to watch TV alone while lying on your side, reading a book, or to use a smartphone more comfortably while lying down. While the Coodle works great in keeping your arm numbness-free, you can also use it to relieve pressure on your legs.

How to Find the Coodle

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And while the couple who came up with and patented the Coodle did put their business plans on hold, they are now selling their arm and neck-saving pillow. You can find out more about the Coodle pillow on the company’s Instagram, on Amazon, or other places online.

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