Man belts Lion King song in front of donkey and donkey chimes in

January 19th, 2020

Walt Disney is known for creating some of the greatest movies ever made. In June 1994, Disney released what would become one of its most popular movies of all time…the Lion King. Not only was the storyline incredible, but also the music. Viewers of all ages learned the lyrics to the different songs. That included a man by the name of Travis Kinley.

While working around his horse and a donkey named Nathan, Kinley discovered something interesting. Apparently, Nathan also enjoys singing tunes from the Lion King. He recorded a video that’s since gone viral, showing people around the world the unique ability of his four-legged friend.

Donkeys are so misunderstood

Unfortunately, a lot of people think of donkeys as dumb animals when the very opposite is true. In fact, this animal is highly intelligent. That along with having more strength than a horse and a fantastic memory make the donkey perfect for handling different tasks. Some examples include pulling carts, carrying cargo, herding and guarding livestock, and tourism.

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Kinley’s donkey is more of a pet

That’s the other amazing thing about donkeys. They’re extremely affectionate and loyal. When raised with kindness, they bond closely with their human owners. That’s the type of relationship that Kinley and Nathan share. So, it makes sense that when Kinley sings one of the Lion King songs, “Circle of Friends,” Nathan wants to join in.

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It doesn’t take long for Nathan to start singing

The video starts with a Kinley making sure his animals were nearby. Then, he begins to sing. It’s only a matter of seconds before Nathan saunters over. Then, he too uses his vocal skills.

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His talent might be different but Nathan still impresses

What you hear in the video isn’t quite a bray, the sound that donkeys make when frightened, startled, or trying to send a warning. Instead, it’s as though he’s singing in a donkey’s voice. You can see Kinley chuckle and why not, the scene’s funny. Nathan’s vocals really are quite impressive. It seems that he enjoys singing just as much as Kinley.

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It’s obvious these two share a special bond.

As you watch Kinley and Nathan continue to sing, there’s no doubt they have something special. Even his horse stayed close by as though he didn’t want to miss a single note. This isn’t you’re your ordinary human/animal connection.

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Get ready to smile.

While Nathan pretty much stole the show, you have to give some credit to Kinley as well. After all, he’s the one that got this whole thing going. Together, they’re a fantastic duo. As Kinley keeps belting out the words, Nathan follows his lead.

“In the circle of life
It’s the wheel of fortune
It’s the leap of faith
It’s the band of hope
“Til we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life.”

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Kinley and Nathan invite people to watch…who knows, you might find yourself singing along. I know I did.

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