Boss Told To Fire Workers, Ensures They All Get New Jobs

February 14th, 2019

Adam Lewis learned many things during his years in the US Marine Corps. One of the most important was that you look after your team. This story shows that he’s never forgotten that.

Lewis’s life has been eventful and dramatic.

As a young man, he enrolled in the marines, met his wife and then found out they were expecting a baby.

He had to quit his dream career in the armed forces, but he was determined to take what he’d learned into all of his future roles.

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Lewis was able to gain office work managing a range of government contracts. The money was good and he could use his leadership skills in a new and interesting way.

But then something happened to derail this new career avenue.

His contract had been going incredibly well. His team had been delivering everything that the government had asked of them. They were all confident that the contract would be extended for the foreseeable future.

However, on the Thursday before the renewal was due, Adam Lewis had to have a meeting with his government contact.

The official stated that due to cutbacks, the project was not being extended.

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After Friday, the next day, everyone would be out of a job.

This news was terrible, and Lewis had to do something incredibly hard.

He had to inform every member of his team.

Some, like Lewis, had children that needed providing for. Others had mortgages, medical bills and other things that needed paying off urgently.

So after the meeting, Lewis gathered everyone into the conference room.

He prepared to tell everyone that after tomorrow, they would all be out of a job.

But just as he was about to give them all the bad news, he paused.

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He remembered how everyone in the marines would help each other get out of tricky situations. He knew that he could do the same here.

He told everyone that there was good news and bad news. He would start with the bad news.

He announced that everyone was going to be out of work after 5 pm tomorrow.

Everyone glared at him, shocked. They had been so sure that he was going to say that the contract had been extended.

But then Lewis announced the good news.

He was going to ensure that they would all pick up other, better jobs.

Many of the team members were skeptical at first, but Lewis explained that they could all help each other in highlighting the achievements on their resumes with the time that they had left.

He said that he would also write letters of glowing recommendation to everyone in the team.

Lewis said everyone could go home, relax and come back tomorrow.

The next day, all of his team members came in. Despite the fact that they were losing their jobs, everyone was happy.

They got to work on everyone’s resumes. By lunch, everyone in the team was feeling wowed with the improvements that they’d all suggested.

At lunch, Lewis ordered pizza for the entire team.

By the day’s end, he had written letters of recommendation that each member was pleased with.

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They all went for drinks, that Lewis paid for, wished each other luck in the future and went home.

Even though they were no longer colleagues, Lewis kept in contact with everyone.

Over the next week, something incredible happened.

One by one, the team members got in touch saying that they’d been offered a new position. They thanked Lewis for his great leadership and support through being laid off.

All of the team members and Adam Lewis are now thriving in their new careers.

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This story should be read by anyone who manages other people.

It shows that team leaders can be a force for good, even in the most difficult of times.

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