Celebrate the season with this DIY coffee mug-shaped flower bowl for your baby pictures

December 15th, 2020

Crafting has taken a new meaning this holiday season

The holidays are all about family, friends, and cute baby pictures for those lucky enough to have their little ones around. Traditionally, taking pictures under the Christmas tree or even with Santa Clause has been the go-to photographs that we tend to fill our scrapbooks with.

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Get ready for the next big DIY project that’s ready to take over your living room.

We’re talking about the coffee cup that will have your baby looking like a delicious drink!

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It’s pretty easy to make and style to your liking.

We’re pretty much guaranteeing that the family will love the idea!

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Tired of the same old Christmas Holiday routine?

We’ve got you covered with this fabulous idea that will really turn heads on the eve of Christmas. You’ve got to try these amazing DIY coffee/flower bowl designs for your babies!

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There’s really no gift better than the memory of your precious little one showing off their infectious smiles with a little holiday flair. To be able to go back and relive those times with pictures is truly an experience to behold.

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Follow these instructions on how to make your very own DIY coffee/flower cup!

  1. First, gather the materials necessary for the project. You’ll want to get a large basket big enough so that your baby fits in with ample space.
  2. Next, make sure to gather a giant variety of marshmallows or foam cubes big enough so that it won’t become a choking hazard to your baby. In the eventual case that they start playing with it, always have a camera ready for the memories!
  3. For a more complete look, toss in a giant ladle as an added feature to make it look that much more adorable!
  4. If you want to add some more of the holiday flavor, why not add a dash of hot chocolate to go along with your baby? No matter the style, there’s always something out there for everyone.
  5. The Christmas décor can be varied in so many ways that the options are virtually limitless. Checkout out this little munchkin rockin’ the Santa hat!
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Can you tell this project has everyone going bananas?

Well, that’s because who else can really shine during the holiday seasons like babies and toddlers? Their precious smiles and cute innocence vibrates and lights the air up like nothing else!

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And think about all the things you can do after the pictures come in. Whether it’s a custom made t-shirt or a flag, just prepare to have the images of these darlings spread like wildfire.

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For most of us, it’s been a year for books. Thankfully we have the creativity to put work into this holiday season not just for us, but for our little ones.

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Don’t let the cold weather put you down this season. Instead, go attempt one of these wholesome baby bowls for yourself!

Get the tutorial for the giant cocoa mug in the post below!

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“I made this “coffee cup” out of a flower pot, and took my daughters Christmas pictures! 😍 Pictures of how I made it…

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