15 perfectly timed pet photos that totally freaked us out
All of them are awkward, but some of them delightfully so.

Timing is everything. If you catch your subject at just the right (or wrong) time, it can totally change the character of a photo.

Obviously, we love taking photos of our pets. But in these cases, pet owners managed to capture a moment or an angle that made us very confused at first.

See what you think about these 15 funny photos:

1. Rainbarf

Cat Barfbow?

If you’ve ever cleaned up cat barf then you know it looks nothing like rainbows.

But we had to laugh at this photo, even if it did remind us of the last time we scrubbed our carpet.

2. Dogface

Just chillin’

We don’t know if this was intentional or not, but this pup certainly looked up at the right time.

The little guy looks so chill – we just hope this dog dad wasn’t trying to get himself in the photo.

3. On your mark, get set, meow

We don’t know if the cat would win, but it looks pretty serious about lining up for the race.

Do you think its owners managed to see the results or did they give this furry one the attention it clearly desired instead?

4. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Sure, they were trying to take a picture of a good time with friends. But we know who stole the show.

Frankly, we think the photo is 10 times better now!

5. The scream

Animals always seem to know exactly when you’re going to take a picture. It’s almost like this cat knew what it was doing.

6. Fido’s frown

Imgur - jennahopkins
Imgur - jennahopkins

She just wanted to take a selfie. The dog kept getting in the way.

We’re glad he did, because this photo is now a classic.

7. Hey, man, how’s it hangin’?

Imgur - jennahopkins
Imgur - jennahopkins

What? You’ve never seen a dog with man arms smoking a cigarette out of the passenger side of a truck?

Well, now you have.

8. Furry dragon

Imgur - jennahopkins
Imgur - jennahopkins

We’re really glad dogs can’t breathe fire!

But at least this one could help you roast marshmallows.

9. Mythological creature

Imgur - jennahopkins
Imgur - jennahopkins

Half woman, half dog?

Well, actually, it’s just a really awkward angle, but we laughed at the photo nevertheless.

10. Shrunken head

Some mixed breeds just don’t look right.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. This, however, might be pushing it.

11. Just chillin’

Anubis is chill these days, just riding public transport.

Dogs still can’t get a license. Sometimes, they need to take the train instead of driving.

12. Ravishing redhead

Who let the dogs out? Woof woof.

They walk among us. All they seek are a few bones and a pat on the head.

13. Yikes!

I KNOW you swallowed my car keys! Now where are they?!

We’re having a hard time unseeing this awkwardness!

Be careful where you put your head!

14. Catman

The newest member of the Justice League – Catman.

This is definitely our favorite superhero.

We’d definitely read the Catman comic book series.

15. Backseat driver

I don’t know why he ruined his cuteness by getting all those tatts.

We’re pretty sure they’re not handing out licenses to dogs yet. Although from the way some people drive, it’s hard to tell.


If you think these are hilarious, be sure to scroll down below to see some more perfectly timed dog photos.

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