Cat catches opossum stealing it's food and the photos are hysterical

January 19th, 2020

Hysterical? Did we use the right term? Oh yes! We did because when you read and see the pictures of this trending story till the end, you will laugh-out-loud to yourself.

The amazing thing about this trendy piece is that you do not often see something apart (and pretty cute) from an instinctual habit of an animal when his/her precious asset is attacked unexpectedly. In today’s story, the unusually cute incident involves a Cat and a Opossum.

“Excuse me, that’s actually MY dinner.”

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Cat Sees An Opossum Eating His Food
Imgur - MrRogers247 Source: Imgur - MrRogers247

So, here is how the story unfolded. There is this cat who was given dinner at its usual time. The little furry friend was happily going forward for her fill when an unexpected thing happened: An uninvited Opossum was already feasting on his/her food.

Instead of resorting to the species usual aggressive reaction of attacking when her food is messed with, the innocent cat cutely turned to complain to her owner about the situation.

“Umm. A little help, please.”

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Cat Appeals To Owner To Save Food
Imgur - MrRogers247 Source: Imgur - MrRogers247

As the Opossum and the cat looked into each other’s eyes, the Opossum sensed no danger of an attack from the dumbfounded cat and continued his eating spree.

But the cat’s response to their owner is what made the internet go aww. See for yourself!

“You see there’s been a mistake, you accidentally gave MY dinner to this imposter.”

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Cat Tries To Lure Owner To Help Her Get The Food Back
Imgur - MrRogers247 Source: Imgur - MrRogers247

At one point when her pleas were not obtaining an effectual response from his/her owner, here is how he/she elevated her appeal:

“You serious??? You’re just gonna stand there and take pictures, I’m starving… You know what, that’s fine.”

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Cat Is Frustrated At The Owner For Not Helping
Imgur - MrRogers247 Source: Imgur - MrRogers247

As you can see that his/her owner is too much interested in taking photos of this fantastic encounter, the cat finally realized that his/her owner has betrayed his/her trust.

The only thing he/she can do now is to have mutual dining with the imposter.

“I can share…oh my favorite. CAT food.”

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Cat Tries To Join In The Feast With The Opossum
Imgur - MrRogers247 Source: Imgur - MrRogers247

And what happened right after when the cat tried to take a bite from what was rightfully his/hers has sent the internet on a hilarious laughing spree.

Checkout yourself below and have the laugh of your life 😊

“Ok ok ok sorry, enjoy.”

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Opossum Scared The Cat Away From The Food
Imgur - MrRogers247 Source: Imgur - MrRogers247

And finally, the poor cat had nothing to do except wait and watch as the Opossum gulped down his/her food – fully enjoying every ounce of her infiltrated treat. Bad opossum indeed!

However, as his/her final act of showing her frustration and helplessness, he/she tried one last time to invoke the sleeping dignity of his/her owner to help him/her out of this situation.

“Possum tariff and cat tax included.”

Cat Is Left Without Food Due To Opossum

Poor cat! I almost feel sorry for this poor feline and some anger on the feline’s owner – how dare he let her food being robbed while the poor cat is hungry?

But then after looking at the cat’s amazing and hilarious appeals, I believe everyone can feel obliged to let the scene go on for a while and enjoy the hilariousness of the moment 😊

However, I hope that our furry friend was able to finally eat after this LOL incident was finally over. But I am really amazed at how this little “purr” reacted so helplessly as cats literally do not tolerate anyone messing with their food.

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