An autistic teenager was bullied because of a false invitation to return to China

July 23rd, 2021

Cuando a Micheal Conrad se le envió una invitación de bienvenida falsa, los matones pensaron que habían encontrado el oro de la comedia.

Pero en realidad fue Micheal quien terminó riendo por última vez después de que una reina del concurso lo invitara públicamente a ir al baile con ella.

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Micheal era un estudiante de la escuela secundaria de Taylorsville y tiene autismo de alto funcionamiento, aunque es una discapacidad que maneja bien.

Como todos los demás estudiantes de su grupo de año, Micheal estaba anticipando el baile de bienvenida de fin de año, que se llevaría a cabo el 22 de septiembre.

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El regreso a casa es un momento emocionante por muchas razones.

Not only is it a celebration to mark the students’ final year at high school, but it’s also the chance for many teens to couple up and attend the event with their crush.

It’s become a tradition for students to perform grand gestures while asking their peers to homecoming, and Micheal found himself subject to one of these.

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But sadly, the invite turned out to be part of a cruel prank played by bullies.

The culprits, who hadn’t been identified at the time the story broke, egged his home and left a note saying: ‘I’m sorry for the mess. But how about I make it up to you by taking you to Homecoming?’

The note was apparently written by Micheal’s cheerleader friend- but when he asked her, she said she’d had nothing to do with it.

“She said, ‘Michael, I already have a date. I’m so sorry. I had nothing to do with that.’ She felt bad,” his mom, Jennifer Conrad, told FOX News.

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Micheal’s debating teacher, Jenn Palomino, was saddened by what had happened and felt determined to help.

“I just thought it was a terrible incident, I don’t know that there was anything I could do to turn it around if I’m completely honest,” Jen said.

But Jen found a way. First, she got in touch with a friend, Caitlin Thomas, a former Miss Lehi. Caitlin then sent a message to her friend– Miss Greater Salt Lake, Dexonna Talbot.

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In that instant, a plan was formed.

“The second I heard about this, I knew I wanted to do something, Dexonna said. “I automatically broke down in tears, because just thinking about the fact that someone would go out of their way to make someone feel so bad is heartbreaking for me.”

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Dexonna surprised Micheal during his History class with the sweetest homecoming invite- literally, as it included a bucket of Starburst, which was Micheal’s favorite candy.

Micheal happily agreed to accompany Dexonna to homecoming, and the adorable moment was caught on camera and shared by Jen onto Twitter.

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The post soon went viral, and now has over 1.4k likes.

Speaking of her public invite, Dexonna said that she had planned the big moment specifically to show the bullies that they hadn’t won.

“I really wanted to make sure it was at the school. So that way, those people who have been bullying could see something positive was coming from this and that they weren’t winning,” she told FOX News.

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When the big day arrived, Dexonna was a vision in a floaty pink dress, while James looked handsome in a smart black suit.

The pair had a brilliant time at the dance together, leaving Dexoanna gushing about what a great night she had had.

“Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad que tuve de llevarlo a su regreso a casa y presenciar a tantas personas reunirse para apoyar una causa realmente buena. ¡Tuvimos un rato fantástico!” Dijo Dexonna. “Estoy tan inspirado por Michael y su convicción de no dejar que los matones lo depriman”.

¡Que este sea un mensaje para todos los matones! Eche un vistazo a la entrevista de Dexonna y Micheal a continuación.

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