X-Factor Judges Wowed by 53-Year-Old Farmer's Beautiful Voice

March 19th, 2019

The TV show X Factor is known for giving singers a stage on which to highlight their abilities, especially the show’s British series. Many times the show’s judges have not expected much from a contestant only to be wowed by the voice that they hear. Here is the story of one such contestant, Jacqueline Fay, a farmer from the Welsh countryside.

A Farmer Wows the Judges

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Upon stepping on stage, none of the judges were expecting what happened next, as she sang a beautiful rendition of Cilla Black’s “You’re My World.” Simon was his usual skeptical self, rolling his eyes as he listened to the 54-year-old farmer from Oxfordshire talk about her life on the farm where she lives with her husband Bobby, their farm animals, and her two peacocks, Chas and Dave.

Who Is Jacqueline Faye?

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Before her debut on The X Factor, Jacqueline sang aboard “The London Showboat” as the headline vocalist for 14 years and has over 25 years experience as a singer. Performing internationally and in the UK, Jacqueline more recently has settled down to life on a farm in Oxfordshire in Southeast England.

On the farm, she helps her husband Bobby raise the couples chickens, ducks, and horses. In addition, Jacqueline is a huge Robby Williams fan, calling not only an entertainer, but an icon.

How Far Did She Make It?

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Jacqueline came close to securing a spot at the judges’ house, making it through the first round only to be beat out at the last minute by 24-year-old Italian singer Antonino Spadaccino in the next round. Simon, who was initially skeptical of Jacqueline’s singing skill, was taken aback, when co-judge Ayda Field gave Jacqueline’s seat to Spadaccino.

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After Jacqueline’s initial performance, X Factor judge Simon Cowell told her, “When you walked out I thought you’d walked out on to the wrong show by mistake and I’m thinking this isn’t going to be great and then you were. There’s no other way of putting it. You’re a little tiger aren’t you? And that’s why we will never put an age barrier on the show.”

Other Stars Who Originated on The X Factor

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Boy band One Direction got their start on the show. And while they only were able to get third place while on the show, their careers have fared much better than season winner Matt Cardle and second place finisher Rebecca Ferguson. Initially auditioning as individuals, it wasn’t until they were put together as One Direction that they really saw success.

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Little Mix Source: Little Mix

The X Factor must have a way of coming up with the best group combinations. Little Mix, a girl group, is another example of contestants on the show going on to become big stars. In addition to winning their season, Little Mix is considered to be one of the biggest girl groups in the world.

A Farmer’s Beautiful Voice

And while Jacqueline ended up not making it far on the show, she did win the hearts of those who watched her amazing performance. Here is Jacqueline Faye and her performance of the Cilla Black classic “You’re My World” that got the judges attention.

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Source: The X Factor UK