What Being Left Handed Really Looks Like

October 9th, 2018

Even though 10% of the people in the world are left handed, it seems that the rest of the world is not really bothered about it. A lot of times those of us who write with our left hand have to face problems because everyone else conveniently forgets that we exist and makes everything to suit right-handed people! That can actually lead to some very unfortunate and sometimes comical situations.

1. The Right Class

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Robsc16 via Imgur Source: Robsc16 via Imgur

Classrooms are supposed to be a place of learning, but if you spend all your time bending over the desk and trying to keep everything from falling off while writing something in your notebook, you are not going to learn much. Lefties often face this problem in many schools and universities. Maybe there should be major requirement for them to order left-handed desks!

2. Oops Coffee

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ElsyWelsyWoo via Tumblr Source: ElsyWelsyWoo via Tumblr

Coffee shops tend to spend a lot of effort in crafting a heart on your mug. Unfortunately, they always do it assuming you are right-handed. If you happen to hold the cup with your left hand, then the heart does a 180 flip and loses all meaning. We’re feeling a little less like the making of this coffee was heart felt!

3. Deep Insights

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loose-pants-happy via Tumblr Source: loose-pants-happy via Tumblr

Being different means being grouped. So, if you are a painter people will always regale you with stories of their so and so who is also a painter. And it happens with left-handed people as well. While it usually is just an attempt at small talk, one can get sick of hearing it!

4. Drinking Problems

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zoecutter via Instagram Source: zoecutter via Instagram

Creative coffee mugs are all the rage these days, and they are especially useful in getting kids to sit down long enough to drink something. But if the kid happens to be left-handed and is presented with a mug, all you are heading towards is a case of spilled milk!

5. Surprise Surprise

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BoredPanda Source: BoredPanda

If people chance upon you writing with your left hand, then there are a very standard set of responses that you tend to get. The most common of them is a question of whether you are left-handed! Yes, we exist, and it’s not a defect or a hindrance (usually)!

6. Silver Surfer

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LoveOfProfit via Reddit Source: LoveOfProfit via Reddit

Whoever devised writing was apparently not thinking about those of us who are left-handed. Because our text is written from left to right, left-handed people usually have to place the side of our hand on the portions of the page where we have already written something. That leads to the hand getting covered in pencil, leading to the silver surfer syndrome! Pen isn’t much better…

7. Hefty Cuts

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Reddit Source: Reddit

Scissors are a nightmare for left-handed people. Using a right-handed one often leads to bad cuts and precarious situations. But that does not mean that left-handed scissors do not exist. And even though everything is pretty much the same, it often costs more! Discrimination anyone?

8. Shake it Off

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UpAndOut Comic via Facebook Source: UpAndOut Comic via Facebook

Handshakes are one of the most common and natural things to do, but if one of you is left-handed, the chances are that you are in for some awkwardness. That’s where fist bumps come to the rescue!

9. Icy Disasters

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Cellar-Door via Reddit Source: Cellar-Door via Reddit

Everyone loves ice cream, and a lot of us like to keep it in the freezer for that midnight snack. But when it comes to scooping it out, people often forget that those of us who are left-handed might want to eat ice cream too without it getting all messy and confusing!

10. Existential Questions

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BoredPanda Source: BoredPanda

A lot of times those of us who are left-handed have to answer this question of why we are left-handed. Duh! It is not a choice per say. Same as it was not your choice to ask annoying questions! Actually, that might not be the best comparison… Let’s start over and be friends.

11. Mind Binder

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Peter Micallef via Twitter Source: Peter Micallef via Twitter

Binders are a really great way to organize your notes and stuff. Unless you happen to be left-handed, that is. Because it is actually a huge problem trying to write in a binder if you favor the left hand and end up with a doctor’s handwriting!

12. Odd one out

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Shenai Wade via Twitter Source: Shenai Wade via Twitter

They say misery loves company and it is definitely the case when it comes to being left-handed while eating. Your elbows just keep bumping if the person next to you is right-handed. It can actually bring tears of joy if you happen to have another left-handed person to sit next to you!

13. Musically Challenged

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BoredPanda Source: BoredPanda

There are very few better ways of becoming popular than being able to play a guitar around the campfire. And while you may be great with it, you would probably find yourself passing up the chance of being popular if you happen to be a left-handed because the strings are all wrong on the standard guitar!

14. Check it out

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Arron Jellis via Twitter Source: Arron Jellis via Twitter

If you ever chance upon the to-do list of a left-handed individual, you will probably wonder what they are up to. After all, they just cleaned the room but put some weird symbol next to it! Well, get used to it because that is how we make a tick mark a lot of times!

15. Long Short Cuts

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FrenchShrimp via Tumblr Source: FrenchShrimp via Tumblr

Keyboard shortcuts were devised to make your life easier unless you happen to be left-handed, of course. Then it is just a way to add to the stress level! When was the last time you heard of a left-handed keyboard?

Source: BoredPanda