12+ kids that are way too good at pushing their parents' buttons

July 23rd, 2021

Kids are awesome. They’re cute, they’re funny, they’re curious, and they’re innocent…well…most of the time. Sometimes, whether they’re doing it on purpose or not, kids can be downright irritating. These parents know all too well.

Here are 13 kids that know exactly how to push their parents’ buttons.

You just have to laugh…otherwise, you’ll cry.

1. Oh. My. Word.

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Pikabu Source: Pikabu

This little cutie snuck up on her dad to ask him, “What are you doing?” The answer is, “Well, I WAS trying to spread some concrete…”

2. Yum

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Twitter/@papaneedscoffee Source: Twitter/@papaneedscoffee

As a parent, you get used to much grosser things than this. It’s pretty icky, but almost any mom or dad would just fish it out and keep going.

3. He looks so stressed

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Twitter/@QTremendo Source: Twitter/@QTremendo

This kid managed to climb straight up through the opening to get inside a claw machine. From his expression, I don’t think he anticipated the outcome.

4. Yes, those phones still work

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Reddit/TheTonz Source: Reddit/TheTonz

One little boy found out that emergency services still respond to those old junky phones. They might not be iPhones, but they’ll bring the police to your door.

5. He’ll never hear the end of this

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Twitter/@Benbelnap Source: Twitter/@Benbelnap

This two-year-old had just enough time alone with the paper shredder to destroy something pretty important. What was it? Oh, just $1,000 his parents had saved for season football tickets.

6. Time to wake up

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Reddit/SeriesOfAdjectives Source: Reddit/SeriesOfAdjectives

One young boy was deeply concerned about the welfare of the family horse…in the middle of the night. So, he marched him straight into his parents’ bedroom.

7. A lifetime ban from Lowe’s

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Reddit/GetALoadOfToad Source: Reddit/GetALoadOfToad

This dad probably thought his son was right behind him. But miraculously and terrifyingly, he managed to scale 20 feet of shelving. They probably won’t go back to Lowe’s for a while.

8. He was left alone

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Reddit/ImmaBadW0lf Source: Reddit/ImmaBadW0lf

You think you can leave something out for just a few minutes and there’s no way your kid will find it. Then you’re gone for a mere 30 seconds and there’s a Nesquik explosion.

9. Now it’s a glam laptop

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Reddit/craghawk Source: Reddit/craghawk

Don’t let kids play unattended near your electronics unless you want to make your laptop the talk of the office. If you do, well then…be my guest.

10. They started counting

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Reddit/motherofmischief Source: Reddit/motherofmischief

Three-year-old kids are masters of the question “Why?” One parent decided to keep track of how many times their toddler asked it in a day. No caption needed.

11. Happy Mother’s Day

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Reddit/robinson217 Source: Reddit/robinson217

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Now please cut my skirt out of the axle of my scooter while I panic about it. Make sure Dad gets a picture.

12. Are you kidding me?

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Reddit/madeyouangry Source: Reddit/madeyouangry

Most kids love fruit, but they don’t always eat it in conventional ways. Hey, at least it ensures you get your daily serving of fruit, too.

13. She’s got guts, I’ll give her that

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Twitter/@r_tatas Source: Twitter/@r_tatas

So, this is what it’s like being a kid in the 21st century. Your mom has Amazon Prime and you know how to order toys. So, that’s where that $300 went.

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